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    Pentax Shootouts and comparisons

    I have decided to construct an article based on comparitive figures and specs from the k7 in regards to the Camera's in its class or near.
    Whilst i own a Pentax k7 and cannot use it until the later of next week due to battery failure, i have been digging in the darkest depths of the net for information and statistics for this model to satisfy my concerns.
    After much analysing, i have come across some beasty competitors in the prosumer market from major manufactuers.

    In the This line up are the:

    Canon Eos 40D
    Canon Eos 450D
    Nikon D300
    Nikon D300s
    Nikon D90

    The Reason for this investigation is to put my mind at ease as to which camera is "actually" a better performer then the K7 or is the K7 mearly a gadget ploy ( a re-badged k20d).
    I've noticed so many review sites giving each camera, full creditation for its performance, features, and Design, and each camera rarely gets bashed for poor anything, apart from minor details, and varience in features.
    This seems too good to be true....if i'm honest, and after my research, i am thinking these camera's, in this particular market segment, are very "the same"

    The same thing happens with graphics cards, and other tech hardware, where a chip used on so many different cards, gets re-issued to the public under a different product name/series. Yet they show minimal, to no signs of performance gain, other then features or additions.
    No biggy right?...yes it is, when price is concerned. In the camera market, in particular the Pentax range, i find this to be the case.
    In 2008 i purchased a k100 super from pentax's range, and tested it for over a month.
    I had taken many shots with the camera in this time, with the idea of trading it in, if i felt it was not providing me with the performance that i needed. Sure enough one month later im trading what? say.


    I then purchased the k10d at nearly 230 pounds more after reading blogs and blogs of reviews, and at the time impressed me with its spec. I then proceeded to buy and use the k10 for about the same time, and found that they are the same in terms of performance just a bigger resolution. No difference in tonal ranges, grain, speed, and i studied these photo's for hours and hours, i took sample shots of the same scenes, at the same lighting conditions or near,they really are the sorry to say. Yes the k10 is better equipped then the k100 super, but with no noticable image difference, whats the big fuss?. As for the k7, i'm sure once i start using it, i will take the same shots again, and i will find the same i'm sure, except the image will blow bigger at final print.

    Ahh but what about the video?, you say, what about the metering, well ...

    The video, is shall we say, is neither good or bad, its not good enough to do anything with, in terms of production, with its 720p, and leaves me to wonder why pentax settled for the average in this department, i mean it does'nt even auto focus, so you take a video and have to move the camera whilst trying to focus...lame...and novice feeling too. Again a percentage of RRP is due to this feature, a price i had to pay for their flagship model.

    Heres how the k10d and the K7 fair against each other, using specs from the dx0mark sensor test.


    The K10D

    The K7

    Notice how the K7 scores less in 3 of the 4 tests against the *K10d* leaving only a small margin of increase in terms of iso performance..

    The Canon Eos Entry level 450D

    The Canon Eos 40D

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