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    Default Which of these three packages should i buy

    Hi im new to the DSLR world and after having a play around with a friends canon 1100d on holiday last year have suddenly found myself re ignighting a liking for photography i had when i was younger of which i never persued. I have been looking around at many options and reading various reviews and have decided that Canon is the brand for me, it was always what i dreamed of having as a kid. Anyways, after deciding that i dont want a camera that i will want to upgrade after 12 months of getting to grip with things i have decided to disregard the 1100d and the 1200d and have decided to go the next step up to the 600d, 650d or 700d models. I have been looking for packages that contain everything i will need for the time being and all have the is lenses i want to start with, but knowing nothing about all the accessories that come with them need a little help deciding on three on offer from to know which would be the better camera/deal. Here are the links:

    600d package:

    650d package:

    700d package:

    I am so stuck as to which i should go for and any help would be very appreciated. My budget can stretch to 600 but is it worth it or should i go with the cheaper 600d option? Which would you pick? Also if anybody knows of any other better deals on similar packages for these cameras i would appreciate the info.
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    Hi I just looked at the slr hut facebook page. There is a few worried people on it

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    None. Stick with a local shop or an established on-line retailer that is locally based with a proven reputation. Specifically about the camera kit, get the best one you can justify and afford with the features you need. Personally I would go for the Canon with the mobile rear touchscreen, I forget its model number. But that is just me and your choice may be way different.


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