Hi all,

I've just joined and not owned a camera for about 8 years.

In fact, I've only ever owned 2 - a Kodak Instamatic as a child in the 70s and a Cannon Sureshot which I bought mid 90s. It was a 35mm motor wind model and its selling point was the range of its motorised lens meaning that you got the equivalent of 28mm for landscape pictures as well as the zoom end of the scale (from memory 140mm - but not sure about that). Anyway, I thought it took great pictures and it was certainly very good to use.

I am looking to buy a new camera for myself. But I want something more substantial than most modern cameras. I tried a friend's and found it too small and fiddly for my clumsy hands. I like the look (from online, not yet seen in the flesh) of the retro ones. The Leicas look beautiful but I don't want to have to sell my house to buy one!

Do you think the Fujica Finepix X100 or Olympus OMD E-M10 (I had a friend who owned a beautiful OM10 in the 80s) could be what I'm looking for? Important to me is:

- A decent size for holding firm
- Fast set-up. I want to be able to take a photograph when the moment happens. The one I tried had a 2 or 3 second delay between clicking the shutter and the photo being taken.
- An accurate viewfinder. I don't like looking at the LCD screens on the back and want a traditional viewfinder that shows me what the lens is seeing with the camera close against my face - not 3 cm to the side like a Kodak Instamatic
- Quality pictures panoramic views, sports photos, family shots with kids running around etc
- Not overly-loaded with gimmicks. maybe just the modern day equivalent of shutter speed
- Either functionality for interchangeable lenses or, ideally, a motorised lens that covers landscape to very close up.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

Many thanks