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Thread: Nikon D600

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    Anyone got a Nikon D600, i'm thinking about buying one, however, i'm concerned about the sensor problems they have had with it (oil & dust getting on the sensor) any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well, decided to take the plunge and just bought it from Amazon, for an amazing price of 1093. fingers crossed that all goes well.

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    Congrats on your new camera. I think Nikon have now sorted out the oil problems.. Graham

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    Thanks Graham, time will tell.

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    Hi, just got a welcomed surprise, this Nikon camera and others are subject to a cash back up to the end of May. I could get another 150 off, if I do this will make the priced paid 943, for a FX sensor DSLR, that's double amazing.

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    Well, been playing with the new D600 all day, however, when I came to open up the raw files in Lightroom 3 I can't do so. Therefore I've had to switch to jpeg to check everything out, anyone got any ideas

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    The reason is your camera is newer than lightroom 3, and will need updated from the adobe site. .... Graham

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    Thanks Graham, yes I've got to upgrade to Lightroom 4.3 just ordered it from Amazon for 53.

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    Good your 150 cash back will cover the upgrade

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    just had a thought, you may be able to update your lightroom 3 ?... Graham


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