I'm confused as to how this camera got reviewed so favourably. It seems that WDC has a policy of automatically adding an extra 2-3 points on to each category on the basis that the camera has a Canon badge.

Despite the 18mp sensor showing its age compared to the competition (eg. the 16mp Sony sensor), the camera is awarded the same image quality score as the NEX-5R.

Moreover, even after alluding to the camera's poor AF (compared to the competition) and slow burst rate, it is awarded 19/20 for performance!

So, despite the fact that the EOS M has comparitively poor image quality and is out-featured and out-performed by the competition, WDC see fit to give it a gold award.

I also notice that the reviewer, Phil Hall, gave the camera only 8/10 on another review site - on WDC it seems to be worth an extra 10%!