I'm trying to find a DSLR camera that suits my intentions to use it for general photography (and learning to be more creative) as well as having the right kind of attributes to go along with my work. I am a sports coach with my own company and I need a camera that is good/fast enough to take action shots for flyers and possibly sale to parents too.

I have been reading reviews for some time and checking prices, and fortunately I've got a bit of money to throw at this so the new full frame cameras like the Canon 6D and Nikon 600D are within reach. I have seen cameras with lens/lens packs available online that look good, but I think I've read so much now that I can't see the wood for the trees!

That I'm thinking about are these:
Canon - 60D - good price, but is going to be eclisped quickly? too consumer orientated to learn?
6D - new, full frame, looks good?
7D - nothing but good reviews, quick, is CF card to be replaced by XQD though? MK2 very soon?
Nikon - D7000 - nice fit between enthusiast and consumer, nice features not on canon, 16 megapixels not quite enough for good quality print? Update soon?
D600 - Full frame, quick, features good, price is a factor - could be worth it though

I want to buy new and get something that will last for a while, but I'm also thinking about the degree of complexity that would make learning more from these cameras more interesting, I'm also thinking about buying into a system going forward too.

Any advice anyone could give me would be much appreciated - at this point if I had to choose I might go for the Nikon D600, but I've read about the possible new Nikon D7100 too that might be worth waiting for.