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    Default Camera choice advice - what to replace my old ones by?

    Hi all!
    I'm new here, so short intro:
    I'm Kaelia, i'm (almost) 27, i live in Belgium; i *love* nature and wildlife, and that's also my main attraction photography-wise (natural landscapes, macro bug/plant shots or bird close-ups, action shots of flying birds.... i have pet birds to help me practice ^^)

    So, my reason for signing up here: both my cameras i've had for ages have recently died, so i need a new one (well, i've had both for, i think, about 6-7 years, so it's understandable they ended up dying...)

    what i previously had:
    - a 'bridge' camera (Kodak EasyShare P850)
    - a 'compact' camera (Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX30)
    ((side note: i was Really happy with the lumix! and everyone i know who has one of that series is too. great little cameras!))

    what i used them for:
    - the lumix was pretty much always in my bag or pocket! on a daily basis, whenever i'd see something i wanted to remember, found pretty, needed a reminder of (bus schedules for example ^^). "tourist" photography, lol. also for macro shots, as it was pretty good at those!.
    - the kodak, being bulkier, i would pretty much only take along to "photo excursions" (spending the day at the zoo or bird park, going out for a walk after fresh snow, that kind of thing). took good pics, but in the last years, started "lagging" - would take too long recording the pics, or getting ready to take some, to be useful. i did get to take some cool close-ups of snow crystals though

    what i mostly photograph:
    - animals, especially birds. both in action (flying!), and close up. lots of bug/flower macros too. love playing with field depth (blurry backgrounds or foregrounds). for the animals, i avoid using any Flash (they don't like it) and i have the Burst mode activated almost continuously ^^
    - sometimes landscapes
    - point-n-click "tourist" shots (not as important)

    what (i think) i absolutely need:
    - small size (compact)
    - a good macro mode
    - a fast-reacting camera
    - burst mode!
    - hopefully, will last me years of intensive use, like my last 2 cameras did
    - NOT a touchscreen. just don't like those things.

    i would of course *love* to get both a nice compact, and a good reflex camera; but as my budget doesn't allow that at this moment, i was wondering if there was anything interesting out there that could be a nice compromise (i've heard of some new compacts, that you can add big lenses to? potentially interesting?)
    my budget i would say is about 300$, but feel free to suggest above that range, as i would have some leeway if the "perfect camera" pops up...

    looking forward to your suggestions!

    Thanks in advance for your help!! <3

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    oh, also (i didn't find the Edit button, if there is one?),
    I do tend to stay away from brands who don't use standard material (for example those who don't take SD memory cards), because i don't want to have to re-buy material i already have, that is perfectly good, just because the new item isn't compatible..

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    You didn't mention budget which is most important. With no more facts than you've given, I'd
    recommend the new Panasonic Fz200 - it's similar to your Fz30 with a longer zoom range,
    faster lens and smaller size but should otherwise be familiar. There's a new Leica variant,
    but the extra money isn't worth it.
    Check out some of the new Canon, Nikon and Fuji bridge cameras as some of them are very
    similar to the Fz200. Another option, keep the Fz30 and just get a new LX7 - fast lens and other improvements in the sub $500 market. The other ones I'd compare are the Fuji X10 and the
    Canon G12 - now the G15. All are similarly priced and offer excellent images.

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    i actually did mention budget (ideally in the 300$ zone, though will consider more)
    bridge cameras, i wasn't really considering getting unless they are either a) really good technically or b) small in size. the kodak one i had was enough to keep me happy when i had it, but now i'm not sure i'd be willing to put the same price for one, since it has this disadvantage of a Reflex camera (big size) without being technically as good.
    off to check out your suggestions, thanks!

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    Hi and welcome.

    Edit button: you only have 15 minutes to edit a post.

    Camera with interchangeable lens and larger sensor: Have a look at the



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    yeah,i think so, I do tend to stay away from brands who don't use standard material (for example those who don't take SD memory cards), because i don't want to have to re-buy material .

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    try canon power shoot series, it should be better than others


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