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    For any of you that might have been interested I went against all the better judgement and got the Pentax Q.

    I have to say after a couple of months now I have absolutely no regrets, I've been having great fun snapping away and playing with the settings.

    Although it wasn't one of my requirements I'm also really happy about the compact size of it. Classy looks, but can be hung on neck and zipped under a jacket.

    Maybe when I've got a minute I might write a mini review...


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    Smile Nice to hear from you, David

    Thanks for letting us know about the outcome - I am sure you made the best decision - still loving my Q.

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    Default Opinion about the Pentax Q

    I'm probably bringing a post back from the dead, I don't even know if I'll be getting any answers but I found this link searching precisely for an opinion about the Pentax Q.. Do you regret buying it? I found it some time ago and I instantaneously fell in love but I'm afraid of buying it so long after it was released. I also found the fujifilm x10 today but I do still prefer the looks of the Pentax Q, and it just barely fits in the budget I have left for a new digital camera. I have a pentax optio rs1000 and its pictures are not completely terrible, but they're just not good enough, I'm afraid I'm going for the looks too much just like when I bought my current pentax camera! (I'm sorry about the terrible english translation).


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