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    Unhappy Zinio Service

    I feel that I have to say something about this. As I live in Spain, the cost of delivery for the magazine is prohibitive, so I was delighted to see that I could have an electronic subscription through Zinio. To cut a long story short, the system for downloading what Digital Camera simply did not work. I paid for it, but it did not work. After several unanswered emails, I contacted our Editor section and finally got a reply from Zinio which was useless. Eventually, I made a formal complaint to Paypal, who also got no reply from them. Eventually Paypal gave me my money back but at no point did they get a reply, so Paypal informed me that there will be some sanction placed against them.

    I am very disappointed as I would love to subscribe electronically to read the magazine. No I have no way of doing so. The service from them really is appalling if you have a problem. Be careful..

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    Really sorry you've had this problem. Coincidentally we've had another complaint re Zinio not working today and we're looking into it. As you probably know Zinio is nothing to do with WDC, it's an American company that's the world leader in producing (and delivering) digital versions of magazines.
    I know from when we've had production problems at our end that they're not the easiest people to get hold of, but we'll see what we can do.
    One question, were you downloading the PC, iPad or Android version?

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    It was the PC version....


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