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    Default Old fuji finepix F20

    Hello, I am hoping someone can help me out...I am totally clueless as far as cameras are concerned so need some advice please....the camera I have been using for the last 5 years is the fuji finepix F20..I found this to be an ideal camera for my everyday needs, mainly taking pics of my family, days out, parties, etc..unfortunately my 3 year old dropped it the other week with the lens still out and now I am without my beloved camera! So upset!

    It has been discontinued and I am devastated! I have tried to find out what model has replaced it but to no avail. I am looking for a camera with similar capabilities and would like to stick with a fuji finepix. Can anyone guide me in the right direction please? I probably don't want to pay more than 150 and one of the things me and my husband loved about the camera was we hardly ever seemed to need to charge it! So I would like to stick with a lith battery camera too.

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in anticipation!

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    Default fuji finepix f80 exr

    Hi lexi... You could look at the fuji finepix F80 exr. It has a li-ion battery, a 10 times zoom costs about 160
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