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    Default Which filters do you reccomend?

    Hi, Guys Ive been looking for some filters to get for my lenses, they both take 55 mm filters.

    But i am unsure on which filters to get ?

    I'm thinking of getting an IR filter any ideas what there like to use ?

    Ive got a sony alpha a390.

    thanks in advance.

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    A UV filter is always a decent bet as they don't cost a lot, and protect the lens. Are you referring to Infa Red when you mention IR? Or something else?

    I'd also recommend a circular polarizer for working in direct, strong light and a red or yellow filter for shooting black and white. We covered filters in an article here;

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    Default filters

    Uv filters are always a good idea unless you take night photos. For a good ir filter look at bw uv/ir filtes they cost about 14o or the hoya r72 costing about 40. Also photoshop cs5 comes shipped with an ir filter


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