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    Default SD card DVD Burner, Photo back up query

    Hi all,

    Im looking to buy a Cannon DSLR (maybe 550d) for my 6month motorbike trip around South America. Now as theft can be an issue in parts im looking to constantly back up my images for safe keeping. If the camera gets stolen then its insured but i dont want to loose a months worth of images. A day or two i can cope with, well maybe!!! So is it possible to do the following...

    after every couple of days i rotate my SD card. I take the SD card and burn it onto a External DVD ReWriter WITHOUT the use of a laptop. I burn three copies of each disk. When Full i post one home to england, one to Australia (friends and next destination) and keep one in my bag.

    Does anyone know of a DVD burner that reads SD (SDHC) cards and autoburns DVD's?

    The reason im looking to do this is on my last trip i lost about a thousand images of Cambodia (ANGKOR WAT) and Thailand. I do not want this to happen again!!

    It would be great to hear If anyone has any other theories or methods of backing up photos.


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    Hi Edd,

    Google DigiMagic - CD or DVD writers direct from cards. Hope you've got deep pockets though!


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