Ok, first up ill say sorry now for the poor spelling.

I have just baught a Canon 450D from ebay, I went for the 450D as aposed to the 1000D for the extra points on the Auto focus, hope i did the correct thing!. The camera will mainly be used for work, there for taking photos of houses and the interiors for publication on my website and i will allways uses a tripod. Now the camera comes with this lens 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens. Is this good for what i need ? I want wide angle dont i ? (oh by the way i am new !) If not could you recomend a good lens for what i need ? (my current point and shoot says equivrlent of a 25mm wide angle) please keep in mind i will always be in Auto Focus and on a tripod.

Second one would be i like a lens for general purpous like photos of sports (motor raceing mainly) and famly purpouses eg holidays etc, what do you recomend ?