I know I know - another 'Which.....?' thread but it's always good to take advice.

Basically I'm after my 1st DSLR after using a compact for a number of years. Intended use will be landscapes, some sports and concert photography sometimes in low light.

The cameras in my budget (approx 500) I have looked at are:

  • Nikon D5000 - seems to be generally accepted as an entry level camera
  • Canon EOS500
  • Sony Alpha a500 OR Alpha a390

Coming from a compact I noticed that the Canon and Nikon have their Image Stabilisation in the lens whereas the Sony's is in the body - is this a factor I need to take into account as I am not sure which is the better system for a novice?

Reviews on the Sony a390 are a bit scarce as it's quite new but those I can find appear favourable. Am not too bothered about video - it's a nice to have but not a deal breaker.

Any advice/opinions are most welcome as I intend to buy quite soon.

Thanks in advance.