Hi All.

I currently own a Canon digital Ixus 500 which is about 5 years old, and I am thinking of buying a replacement point and shoot, that hopefully will also have some manual controls, a proper LCD screen (the Ixus screen is paltry) and a minimum 10x zoom.

The camera is used mainly for taking shots of the children, either in the garden, out and about, or in the house, and when inside the camera seems to struggle with the light.

I have pretty much nailed my choice to either the Sony HX5 or the Panasonic TZ7. Both seem (to my untrained eye) to have a very similar spec, and the large zoom is tempting.

If I go for the Pana, I can also get a Gorillapod and decent memory card for the same cash as the Sony camera on its own. So, my questions are -

1 - will I see any difference between pictures taken with these two cameras, and -

2 - will I necessarily see any difference between either of these and my Ixus anyway?

Any help would be gratefully received.