I run a youth theatre and I am looking for a good digital camera. It will mostly be used to take pictures of the kids performing and the costumes and sets that they build, and will be going up on our website and occasionally included in programmes and brochures.

I'm a bit clueless when it comes to cameras because I've only ever had your basic family holiday type cheap digital before.

My budget is two hundred pounds (from a grant we've been given, so we really can't go much over this). Our computers run XP and Windows 7.

I'm looking for something:

-Relatively easy to use. I am willing to take the time to learn all the features, but it would be nice if the kids could sometimes take pictures without too much fuss.
-Without too much delay between pressing the button and taking the picture. Most of our pictures will probably be as the kids are working rather than posed, so I want to be able to snap quickly if I see something that looks good.
-Ideally with a continuous shot mode
-Good for portraits and for indoor use. It will almost exclusively be used indoors and to photograph people

Does anyone have any suggestions about where I should start? I'd really appreciate any advice or tips on what features or specs I should be looking for. I've been looking at the Fuji FinePix s1600, which comes in around 160. Any thoughts?

Thank you!