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    Default Panasonic TZ7 LCD Screen damage

    Hi 1st post, so please be nice Great forum by the way, has been very helpful (have been lurking for a while ) after much reading and researching i finally made my mind up, and decided on purchasing the TZ7. After reading only rave reviews about the camera, i was searching for the best price/deals on line and come across some reviews which have left me very unsure. I read a few separate story's of the LCD screen cracking from the inside after little or no impact?? Has anyone else experienced problems with the screen or was this a problem which has since been rectified ? there is even tutorials on you tube on how to replace the screen which can be purchased on ebay which suggests this is a common problem . Is the TZ7 more delicate than most other compacts on the market?? Appreciate any feedback good or bad. Cheers.

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    Here's some quotes i have found from disgruntled owners, think i might swerve the TZ7

    Good camera, if you discount the fact my screen broke after only weeks while in a padded Gorilla case. I would avoid this at all costs! What good is a pocket camera if its so fragile???!!!! My previous camera lasted over 3 years and took a lot more abuse! Going back to Fujifilm and staying there thanks.

    Great camera at taking pictures... I have two though with identically cracked inside LCD screens. After no accidents or incidents with either. RUBBISH CAMERA! AVOID! or insure with patient bits between replacements.

    Follow up to my previous entry. As TZ7 owners are going to get broken rear screens until Panasonic takes the hint and replaces them with a stronger item. If you want to avoid the 150 repair cost you can get proper TZ7 screens from E-bay. I got one for 38 pounds including postage from Hong Kong and even had the tools with it to fit the camera. Also found a movie on You tube to show you exactly how to replace it! All done and works wonderfully. I wonder how long this one will last!! I don't suppose The Gadget Show would have a word with Panasonic they might listen to you!!! I only bought it because you guys gave it such glowing reviews!!!!

    Daughter brought us one of these from Comet for Christmas after seeing your review. Very good results and easy to use. BUT in February the LCD screen went down. Took it back to comet to be told LCD screen must be cracked by us. Pointed out no sign of damage or crack on camera. "Oh It'll be on the inside" This camera has only been treated with kid gloves and transported in Panasonics own case. Then told us Panasonic will probably not approve repair. Camera is with them for assessment but check the net it's full of similar stories. There is obviously a design fault. Panasonic are saying don't put it in your pocket or a bag !! It's so bad there are kits and even a video on the net on how to to repair them. This item should be the subject of further review and testing.


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