I am looking for a new DSLR and have decided to go for a Nikon D5000. My Dad has now said he'd like to get a prosumer DSLR (he used to be a professional photographer in the days of darkrooms!) We thought we could get them at the same time so we can do a bit of a deal on them. It would also be sensible to have the same make so we can swap lenses etc.

I was thinking of suggesting that whilst I get the D5000 he could get the D90 or push the boat out for a D300s.

The only thing that concerns me is that both the D5000 and the D90 are coming up to being a year/18months old now and I wondered with the fast pace of technology if they were due to be replaced soon? Do you know any details of future replacement Nikon Models in this bracket? My fall back would be a D3000.

The alternative would be to go to Canon and get a 1000D or a 450D for me and maybe a 550D or 7D for my Dad but again are these models likely to be updated soon? (apart from the 550D which I know is new out).

I either want to make sure i'm buying the latest kit or if i'm buying an outgoing model then make sure I get a better price!!

As an avid reader of WDC, I'd hate to buy my pride and joy (having researched it for 6 months) and open next month's issue to find out it's being replaced!

Thanks and any info would be great.