I used an old Exacta SLR for 7 years, a Pentax MX for 27 years, and a Pentax K10 for the last 3 years. With film cameras, after some experimentation, I always used Kodachrome and loved the 200ASA version when it was introduced. I moved to digital in 2007 because I could no longer buy Kodachrome.

I want a body the size and weight of my beloved Pentax MX body, with a full-frame 14-15mb sensor. This would not too small for adult hands, well built and with a pentaprism viewfinder, and offer manual exposure only. The screen on the back could probably only be 2 or 2.5 inches, which is quite adequate for reviewing images and checking histograms.

Whilst I do appreciate and use autofocus, built-in flash, ASA adjustment and white balance adjustment, I have no interest in live view, making 'movies', or lots of automated exposure modes, and always wander how much cheaper cameras might be if all these were omitted on a 'base' model.