Hi all,

Like other people here I am planning on making the move from compact camera to DSLR and was hoping I could get some advice on which camera you think is best and also hopefully some answers to some questions I have. I have between 500-800 to spend and have narrowed it down to the Nikon D90, D5000 and the Canon 500D.

My specific questions are:

Is the D90 getting on a bit in age, and is there any news of a newer model coming out soon?

Would it be better to spend the extra money on the D90 or buy one of the cheaper cameras and buy extra kit (possibly different better lens?) or would I be kicking myself later down the line if I really get into using a DSLR for not getting the D90?

Ive seen that there is a new Canon D550 coming out soon, would it be better to wait for that rather than any of the three mentioned above?

Have I missed any really good other cameras in the 500-800 range?

I use my current camera for taking pictures of people, places, buildings, nature scenes and plan on using the new camera to take some (but not loads) pictures of sporting events, the usual stuff. I want a camera that will give me more versatility and be able to create more interesting pictures and ones that will look really good on a 27 inch screen.

Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated,

Thank you!