Velbon CX540 tripod and three-way head

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Velbon cx540

Review of the Velbon cx540

Pros: Very light
Cons: Tripod not very durable or stable

Manufacturer: Velbon
Model: cx540
Price: £42

With braced legs for extra stability the CX540 only has one leg angle, but looks as though it should be rock-solid. However, under load it’s actually quite flexible, and this seems to be down to one thing – the materials it’s made from. The metal leg sections feel as though they’re made from thin-walled tubing, which could be easily bent, while plastic is used for the clips and mouldings that hold everything together. This does mean the CX540 is incredibly light though, and on a calm day it will do its job with a lightweight camera.

The three-way pan / tilt head on the CX540 is fixed, but a quick-release plate, built-in bubble level and wind-up central column are all positive points and the head action is smooth.

Max. Height: 152cm
Min. Height: 56cm
Folded Length: 61cm
Leg Sections: 3
Head: Fixed
Weight (inc head): 1.5kg
Max. Load: 2.0kg
Bubble Level: Yes
Quick Release: Yes
Hook: No
Case: No


While the three-way head is functional enough the CX540 tripod is a bit of a let down in terms of of its constrruction.

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Overall Score 73%