Velbon Ultra Stick 40 monopod

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Velbon Ultra Stick 40

Review of the Velbon Ultra Stick 40

Pros: Very light, but not particularly functional or solid. One of the ligthest monopods we've tested
Cons: Poor build quality, tricky opening mechanism

Manufacturer: Velbon
Model: Ultra Stick 40
Price: £25

The Ultra Stick 40 is made of titanium and is one of the lightest monopods we've tested. It is aimed at the compact/bridge camera market or entry-level DSLR user. It doesn't come with a head attached, which means you'll need to purhase one to go with it, which will probably cost you more than the monopod itself. There is a comfortable black foam grip and the barrel is a dull-gold colour.

Unfortunately, the Ultra Stick 40 suffers from poor build quality – the locking pins actually disappeared during our test. Its opening mechanism is tricky too and it does not have locks, but tightens against a thread. Several people we gave the monopod to failed to open it to its full extent and if you were in a hurry it wouldn’t prove to be the most functional design. The thread at the top has a cap to it, but unfortunately the other points mentioned bring the score down.

Max. height: 142cm
Folded length: 42cm
Leg sections: 4
Head: No
Weight: 220g

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Overall Score 78%

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