Nikon AF 70-300mm f/4-5.6G

Review Date : Mon, 3 Sep 2007

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Nikon AF Nikkor 70-300mm f/4-5.6 G

The notable thing at first sight is the plastic mount, which we don't have a problem with, but we know from anecdotal evidence that others have......

Pros: Good performance at 70mm
Cons: Poor performance at the 300mm end

The notable thing at first sight is the plastic mount, which personally I have never had trouble with, but I know from anecdotal evidence that others have.

Otherwise the lens’ plastic build feels sturdy enough for amateur usage, and the deep rubber grip on the main zoom barrel is comfortable to use. The manual focus ring is light but the AF motor prevents its use in AF mode. The Nikon lens forgoes Nikon’s top line AF system the Silent Wave Motor (SWM), so this model is slightly slower and somewhat noisier than other Nikon optics. In a quiet room, such as the scholastic oasis that is the WDC sanctum, the lens whirrs and grinds loudly over the gentle keyboard tapping.While not showing the best results from our lab tests, there’s consistently good control of chromatic aberration and at 70mm, excellent resolution, particularly at f/8. The lens does suffer at 300mm though, with frighteningly poor performance which, unfortunately, blows all its good work at 70mm out of the window.


Performs best at the shorter end of the range, but deteriorates as you zoom

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Features 15/20
Design 17/20
Image Quality 15/20
Performance 14/20
Value 16/20
Overall Score 77%