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Review Date : Mon, 4 Feb 2008

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Nikon D3
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The range-topping 12.1-megapixel D3 is Nikon's first digital SLR with a full-frame sensor.

Pros: Excellent image quality, build, low-light performance, speed, AF system, LCD
Cons: Could argue the resolution could be higher, Live View on fixed LCD

The Nikon D3 is arguably the most anticipated camera of recent times. It stands out from the pack on several fronts. First, it's Nikon's most highly specified camera to date, aimed at the pro market mainly, but is sure to be picked up by the more comfortably-off enthusiast.

Second, it's Nikon's first full-frame DSLR, which means that the sensor is the same size as a traditional 35mm frame.

Third, it bridges a gap between its two predecessors, the D2XS and the D2HS. This is possibly the most interesting concept behind the camera. Where previously photographers had to choose between the high resolution D2XS and the low resolution but faster D2HS, the D3 has combined the two into one body. This allows press photographers, say, which is Nikon's traditional pro market, to shoot high-res for magazine work, or shoot to a fast frame rate for sports or news stories. To a working professional this means they only need to buy one camera, so saving £3,000 immediately.

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Design 19/20
Image Quality 19/20
Performance 19/20
Value 19/20
Features 19/20
Overall Score 95%