Sony Alpha A55 review

Value & Verdict

Sony Alpha A55 review - Value & Verdict

Sony A55 review - Value

At the £700 price point there's nothing else 
on the market that can match the 10fps continuous focus - a notable benefit of the 
SLT technology that even out-performs (in terms of speed, at least) the Nikon D300s. However, there are some fairly big 
differences in the level of control the A55 offers compared to what a professional DSLR can provide, but the difference in prices more 
than justifies this.

Sony Alpha SLT-A55 sample image - Bath cathedralThose looking for 
super-fast shooting will be suitably impressed and when considering the high resolution, image stabilisation, GPS and movie mode, 
the A55 and, indeed, the A33 look to be among the most rewarding and valuable models available.

Sony A55 review - Verdict

Sony's new SLT technology is highly impressive and offers a cost-effective way to achieve super-fast autofocus with an impressive burst rate. Indeed this could be the first stepping-stone to the end of traditional DSLRs as we know them.

Although the electronic viewfinder may not be to everyone's tastes and isn't especially impressive in low light, these are relatively small hurdles when considering just what the A55 can do. 
In any case, we're sure future models 
will improve the EVF's performance in low-light.

This is a very innovative camera and there is currently nothing else out there (save the Sony A33) that can compete 
on quite the same level. The autofocus 
in HD movie mode takes away many 
of the issues that DSLR cameras would otherwise suffer from, while general performance is impressive. Additional touches, such as the built-in GPS are 
a further nod towards just how technologically advanced the A55 is.
Overall this is quite an achievement that gets a big thumbs up. 



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Design 18/20
Image Quality 17/20
Performance 18/20
Value 19/20
Features 19/20
Overall Score 91%