Samsung NX200 review

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Samsung NX200 review - Value

The NX200's £699 asking price makes it among the priciest non-viewfinder CSCs on the market. Only the Olympus E-P3 commands a higher price and the forthcoming Panasonic GX1's power zoom kit is also of a similar standing. What you're really paying for is the Samsung's high resolution but if that's not of interest then the camera may struggle to hold your attention. Considered in context and, in terms of price, the NX200 can be found sandwiched between the Nikon 1 V1 and Sony NEX-5N cameras price-wise.     

Samsung NX200 review - Verdict

The NX200 is a big step beyond the NX100. The design and layout don't disappoint and the camera is a breeze to use. Image quality is also phenomenal at the lower ISO settings - something we didn't anticipate considering the high resolution - and high ISO settings are decent (though not quite the best from a CSC). The camera's OLED screen is excellent, the inclusion of a hotshoe means expansion is possible and the i-Fn lenses add to the user experience.

But there are areas where the NX200 comes up short: low-light focusing is a frustration; Raw file processing is far too slow; and the battery life is poor. If it wasn't for these three points and if a hotshoe-mounted electronic viewfinder became available then there'd be little else out there that could take the on the NX200 and win.

If you're considering the Samsung system then the APS-C sensor will deliver quality in droves, but such a sensor size means a larger system overall compared to the likes of Micro Four Thirds and similar systems. Landscape enthusiasts and the like will love the otherwise compact size - just be sure to bag a second battery and there's little the NX200 can't do.

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Features 18/20
Design 18/20
Image Quality 18/20
Performance 17/20
Value 17/20
Overall Score 88%