Samsung NV4

Review Date : Mon, 6 Oct 2008

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Samsung NV4

The Samsung NV4 is more than a camera with a multimedia player for MP3s and video.....

Pros: Design, image quality, features
Cons: Prone to fingerprints, small (though bright) LCD

The NV4 is more than a camera with a multimedia player for MP3s and video. It also comes in four colours, plus a Chelsea FC livery.

It has 8.2MP, a top sensitivity of ISO 3200 and digital image stabilisation using auto ISO control to maintain fast shutter speeds. A new feature is the self-portrait mode – the camera bleeps when your face is in the frame: useful for arm-length self-portraiture. Face Detection is featured, and you also get a choice of eight photographic ‘looks’ within the Photo Style Selector, giving easy ways to change the colour and tonality of images. The design is slick, with a tough all-metal case. The LCD screen and menu also play host to a Function description and photo help guide.

Images are pleasant and well exposed, and colours are well rendered. The camera also produces a decent level of sharpness, though at 100% viewing some softness is evident.


The camera makes a good job of the images; all but the most picky users would be happy.

Matt Golowczynski

Matt writes reviews and technical features for What Digital Camera. He recently swapped his trusty Canon EOS 40D for an EOS 5D MkII, with which he is deliriously happy. He writes about a variety of technical issues and demystifies some of the digital photography world's most impenetrable jargon.

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Design 18/20
Image Quality 17/20
Performance 17/20
Value 19/20
Features 17/20
Overall Score 88%