Canon Digital IXUS 70 review

Review Date : Mon, 4 Jun 2007

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Canon\'s new IXUS\'s
Canon\'s new IXUS\'s Canon Digital IXUS 70

The 7.1-megapixel Canon IXUS 70 compact digital camera gets treated to a retro design.

Pros: Beautiful design, fast AF and image review, colour swap.
Cons: Images softness in edge of frame.

Canon’s design-driven IXUS compact range has a new eye-catching addition in the IXUS 70, but is its breathtaking design worthy of a price normally paid for a better specified compact? Image quality is consistent over a range of subjects indoors and out and noise is generally low throughout the images taken.

The new IXUS lacks the headline grabbing spec of other compacts in its price bracket; both its 7.1MP sensor and 35-105mm equivalent 3x optical zoom are below many of its rivals. The maximum ISO 1600 is adequate, and control is offered beyond mere ‘point-and-shoot’ capabilities in ‘Long Shutter mode’, yet full control over aperture and shutter speed is absent.

The camera is beautifully designed, with a retro-rectangular all metal body reminiscent of classic IXUS designs and a clear 2.5in LCD and small viewfinder present on the back. Build quality is, on the whole, fantastic; you can feel excellence oozing from every screw.

In use, the IXUS 70’s handling echoes the quality of its build. Its nine-point AiAF system focuses briskly, contributing to an impressive overall operational speed. The ‘Colour-Swap’ feature is also worthy of note, allowing colour highlighting normally only accessible through Photoshop

Image Quality
The white balance and metering systems in the Canon Digital IXUS 70 produce warm and well-exposed shots. There is a slightly worrying tendency for image quality to fall off towards the edges of the frame however, with images softening and demonstrating noteworthy fringing, although this would only be an issue on prints that are above A4 in size. Noise is also noticeable at sensitivities above ISO 400, yet generally leaves detail intact.


The Canon IXUS 70 may seem pricey for its specification, but the design and build quality are excellent and worth every penny.

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Design 19/20
Image Quality 17/20
Performance 18/20
Value 16/20
Features 16/20
Overall Score 86%