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Fujifilm X10 review - Design

Looks-wise the X10 follows a rangefinder-style, retro design that's similar to the X100, and as such, it's a great looking piece of kit. Proportionally, it's quite a bit smaller than the X100, with a footprint similar to that of a Canon G12.

Both the bottom and top plates of the X10 are constructed from magnesium, while the rest of the body is finished off in a durable synthetic leather. With the mode dial, zoom ring and exposure compensation dial all milled from solid metal, the X10 feels a like a real premium product in the hand.

There's a subtle handgrip, while on the rear you'll find a smooth rubberised thumb rest. The X100 had a traditional aperture ring round the lens, but this is not the case with the X10. Instead, there's a manual zoom ring that also functions as the on/off switch - twist it round from the Off position to 28mm to spark the camera into life.

The rest of the X10's front is pretty sparse: there's an AF mode switch, viewfinder window, and AF-assist illuminator. Up on the top of the camera are mode and exposure compensations dials, the shutter release (with a screw thread for a traditional cable release), a programmable function button, built-in flash and hotshoe. The rear of the camera is cleanly laid-out - there's a main-command dial, sub-command scroll wheel and a small selection of other button-based controls that allow quick access to a range of settings.


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Design 19/20
Image Quality 18/20
Performance 18/20
Value 18/20
Features 18/20
Overall Score 91%

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