Samsung SH100 review


Samsung SH100 review - Performance

In use the SH100's autofocus isn't the quickest off the mark, though it's ample for most tasks and perfectly good for still subjects.

The zoom toggle is well-positioned and moves at a decent pace through the range. At 26mm the wideangle setting can fit plenty into the frame, and 130mm is a decent zoom to squeeze in a small-bodied compact such as this.

Point-and-shoot use is the order of the day, though Programme mode provides some additional control, and Night Mode provides full manual control over Shutter and Aperture (though this is from 1-16secs only, no faster).

The biggest drawback in performance is down to the touchscreen lacking the heightened level of response that you may expect. With so many sensitive touchscreen Smartphones and the like on the market, the SH100 feels a little alien and ill-responsive to many touch gestures.

The majority of performance interest comes from the variety of connectivity features. Direct uploads to various sites (including Facebook and Picasa) work seamlessly, though you will need a proper Wi-Fi connection. The same goes for auto-PC backup, a feature that will copy files from card to PC automatically when in the vicinity of a relevant Wi-Fi network. As the SH100 isn't a mobile phone there's no associated data tariff, hence the likes of roaming data and 3G not being available for uploading when Wi-Fi isn't available. We wouldn't deem this as a criticism, just a simple reality of a camera sticking firmly to its photo-taking purpose. 

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Design 16/20
Image Quality 16/20
Performance 15/20
Value 19/20
Features 18/20
Overall Score 84%

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