Canon EOS 1100D review (Rebel T3 review)

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Canon EOS 1100D Review (Rebel T3 Review) - Value

Canon EOS 1100D / Rebel T3

Gone are the days when entry-level modes were just a few hundred pounds. The Canon EOS 1100D (Rebel T3) will be £500 in the UK or $600 in the USA upon its launch. This will likely slide over time to be on a par with the Nikon D3100's current £450 price tag and, although there are some cheaper options out there such as the Sony A390 and Pentax K-x, neither of these offer the all-round performance and image quality combination that this latest Canon can. As much as a pricetag some £50 less would be nice, the match of performance and image quality makes it even more a worthy purchase.

Canon EOS 1100D Review (Rebel T3 Review) - Verdict

There are very few things that let the Canon EOS 1100D (Rebel T3) down. Although we're not overly keen on some design elements, the body's smooth plastic finish or the live view mode's sluggish focusing, that's pretty much where the moaning stops.

Canon EOS 1100D / Rebel T3The 1100D (T3) has a whole lot of shooting options under its belt, image quality is up there with the best the entry-level market has to offer throughout the ISO 100-6400 range and the autofocus system is of a similar calibre. The combination of the two is a great mix and this essentially makes the 1100D the best current entry-level DSLR that money can buy. A better kit lens would sort out some of the imaging qualms that we do have, but the Canon EF-S fit has a huge variety on offer to get yet more out of your camera in the future.

Those looking for a slightly more ‘friendly', easy-to-use experience may want to opt for the Nikon D3100's Guide Mode, but those seeking an overall more advanced model will be pleased with what the EOS 1100D (Rebel T3) has to offer.

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Design 17/20
Image Quality 18/20
Performance 18/20
Value 17/20
Features 19/20
Overall Score 89%

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