Samsung WB650 review

Samsung WB650 review - Performance, Value and Verdict

Samsung WB650 review - Performance

In use, the WB650 impresses. The focusing system is generally fast and accurate, which will no doubt be important for a general travel camera. The start-up time is almost instant as well, though the camera does take a reasonable amount of time to power down. It's also worth noting that the camera's menu system is slightly different to those on most cameras, though this isn't to the camera's detriment as it's well designed.

Samsung WB650 review - Value

Considering the full specification, the price tag of the WB650 is pleasingly low. This is in no doubt partly due to the fact that there is such competition in this area for custom, and as such the prices have to be low. Though having said that, you really are getting a lot of camera for your money with the WB650 - the 3in AMOLED screen really is class-leading, while the on-board GPS functionality is no doubt a sign of the future in the travel compact category.


Samsung WB650 review - Verdict

There's no denying that the Samsung WB650 is a really good compact camera. The host of technologies on offer is impressive, with the 3in AMOLED screen being class leading, and the addition of on-board GPS placing it amongst a select group of compact cameras to feature the technology. So, what is there not to like? Well, the performance is hardly as class leading as its specification - the zoom and focus system can, at times, be sluggish, while exposure and white balance has are at inconsistant. However, the camera is definitely on the affordable side of the scale, and as such it's one of the leading lights in the travel compact camera category.


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Design 18/20
Image Quality 17/20
Performance 17/20
Value 18/20
Features 18/20
Overall Score 88%