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Review Date : Wed, 3 Mar 2010

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With a monster focal range and good sized sensor, the WB5000 promises good results, but does it deliver?

The WB5000 arrives in a growing group of compact cameras offering the combination of compact size and a superzoom focal range. The model boasts a Schneider Kreuznach 24x optical zoom with an impressive 26mm wide-angle lens, and a 12.47MP CCD sensor capable of capturing both Raw and JPEG files. As is becoming common, the WB5000 also offers the ability to capture HD videos at 720p HD resolution.

Considering the burgeoning focal range and high-performance specification, the WB5000 is of a diminutive stature. It also features Samsung's characteristic blue flashes and highlights, while a DSLR style mode dial which is located within easy reach of the thumbs natural resting position. Owing to the ample zoom the WB5000 possesses, the body is fairly front-heavy, with the bulk of the models body being made up of lens.

Focus is not the fastest on the camera, while there are also a few issues with white balance tending to err on the warm side of the spectrum. Owing to the large LCD screen on the rear of the camera, the body itself is wide and lends itself towards a comfortable grip while shooting.

At £270, the WB5000 is no by no means cheap. However, You are getting a lot of camera for your money when you consider the extent of the focal range and the full manual shooting mode that the WB5000 offers the price seems a bit more reasonable. Image quality is generally good, though it does struggle at high ISO settings

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