See the 2011 Good Service Award winners winners of the What Digital Camera Good Service Awards from January 20th 2011, as voted for by What Digital Camera readers and website visitors

The Good Service Awards are based on the ratings given by customers. For retailers to win a prestigious award they must achieve over 90% positive feedback.

Good service awards

The following are this year’s winners from 20th January who averaged over 96%, which is a phenomenal achievement…


Digital Depot


Pic Stop

Warehouse Express


Camera World

Clifton Cameras

Grays of Westminster

Park Cameras

Premier Ink and Photographic



London Camera Exchange

  • Mary

    The is my second set in this group of siterucy harvest. I’ve added on a few components and learned how to deal with more of the system’s features and quirks. As far as home siterucy camera systems go, this is a very nice value. While I haven’t had any issues with the components I have bought, the previous incarnation did have some warts that have with a bit of luck been addressed with this update. This unit includes the Wilife management software, one indoor camera, suction cup mount, bar mount, table stand and power and USB connectors. I like the product, even if here are some reservations. You have to know your needs very well in order to know if this is right for you. The design of the indoor cameras is very unique though somewhat blocky. The outdoor cameras are more traditionally shaped. In any event, they all seem to work well once set up. PROS: + Updated hardware and software should improve reliability and ease of use + Nice power over Ethernet design means no batteries needed + Nice price for a fully functioning starter system + Improved cell phone and email alert features + Very simple to add cameras to the system + Nice available accessories to add on to your installation + Nice interface for management software with many customizable settings + Default settings will meet the needs of novice users without adjustments + System is motion activated, reduction storage space + Video recordings are straightforwardly backed, copied, or erased + Video can be accessed via live feed over the internet + Firmware updates are readily available, with caveats CONS: – Installation can be somewhat time-consuming – Despite what they tell you, DO NOT ENABLE AUTOMATIC FIRMWARE UPDATES!!! Do them manually – Some features require a premium subscription at an additional cost – The starter set should have built-in at least one more camera – Lack of audio will disappoint more demanding users – Latency on website video access – Software interface requires some getting used to CONSIDERATIONS 1. Your camera must be close to an outlet to connect it via the built-in 10 foot cable. 2. You have to manually adjust the camera focus, so adjust it before mounting. 3. Your notebook must meet the hardware and software requirements. 4. Your notebook must be on all the time for video recording. 5. You will need a broadband connection to access this video remotely. 6. This power-line connection will work better with newer wiring. 7. It’s best to set up extra hard drive space for at least 10 GB of videos. 8. The notebook recording video needs to be a PC. A Mac running Windows in a virtual apparatus software might work. INSTALLATION Physically installing the cameras is straightforward. The receiver and the camera must be attached through power outlet via receiver plugs. The system connects to your notebook over the power interface via the USB port. The software installation still requires some patience and hardware knowledge. Computers running Windows Vista, Antivirus software and software firewalls will need those siterucy settings disabled to get the Wilife software to install. Still, it’s well worth it to have this system installed on a secure notebook. You can re-make possible all that stuff when you are done, making sure to allow for your firewall to card the Wilife software to access the internet. Installing on XP may be slightly simpler, but you will still have to deal with disabling your Antivirus or desktop firewall if you are running those. You should want the notebook that’s storing your home siterucy video files to be secure. Taking the extra time to have AV and a firewall working is worth the try. Windows Vista requires a few reboots before the software installs and sees the cameras. On my initially installation of the product I experienced some initial hanging, but I had better luck the second time I set up the starter kit in a different location. So the software has been improved, but it is still beneficial to be comfortable with computers. Setup can take about an hour or two depending on how you place your cameras and the speed of your notebook. If you have issues, contacting support should be relatively painless, though I have not had to call them with the two systems I have set up. SETTINGS AND EXPANSION The system has options for count on hardware in terms of more cameras and software in terms of premium features. If you want multiple cameras, you will have to buy those

  • WhatDigitalCamer

    Obviously not enough people voted for them. Remember retailers have to receive over 100 votes to be entered, and then receive 90% positive feedback. So make sure you vote for them this year. Voting has now opened for 2012. Go to the voting page to vote now.

  • mike

    Veyt surprised Jacobs aren’t on the High Street Multiple Retailers