Don't know what camera to buy or what to look for? Our range of guides can help you decide what camera to buy for your needs

Need advice on what camera to buy, or what to look out for when buying a camera?

There’s a huge variety of digital cameras currently on the market, ranging from the affordable compact right up to the high-end professional level DSLR, with the ground in between catering for every want and need.

While the amount of choice is good for the consumer, it also means deciding on the right camera is now more difficult than ever before, as the competition means that the more important camera ranges are frequently updated, with older models soon dropping in price.

Further more, the range of functionality in current cameras is leaps and bounds ahead of where it once was, giving the consumer photographer access to better image quality than ever before.

Still baffled by the range of choice? Fret not, as here on we’ve got a host of different guides aimed at helping you find the camera you’re looking for.

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I don’t know what type of camera I want

I want to buy a compact camera

I want to buy a digital SLR

I want to buy a compact system camera, or find out more about these cameras

I’m on a tight budget

I want to buy a camera accessory

I’ve read all this advice and am still confused

I don’t know what type of camera I want!

Read the article: Choosing a camera type

Article summary: Advice on how to choose a camera type. We describe the difference between a compact camera, a superzoom camera, DSLR camera and Compact System (hybrid) cameras.

Watch the video: Video guide to buying the best camera

Video summary: Are you perplexed by all the different types of cameras and unsure of what’s best for your needs? In these videos, What Digital Camera’s Editor, Nigel Atherton, explains what to look for and which style of camera might be best for you.

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I want to buy a compact camera

Read the article: Guide to choosing a compact camera

Article summary: Everything you need to know to help you make the right choice when choosing a compact camera. The compact camera market certainly can’t be accused of lacking both variety and options of where to direct your hard-earned cash, but what should you be looking for?

Read the article: Best compact cameras

Article summary: Which is the best compact cameras for your needs? Here’s our pick of the best on the market at the moment.

Read the article: Best mid-zoom travel compacts

Article summary: Looking for a new mid-zoom compact? Here’s our pick of the top 5 best mid-zoom compact cameras (also known as ‘travel zooms’) on the market right now.

Read the article: The best advanced compact cameras

Article summary: Looking for a new advanced compact camera? Here’s our pick of the top 5 advanced compact cameras on the market.

Read the article: The best underwater cameras

Article summary: Looking for a tough camera that you can use underwater? We pit 6 tough compacts against each other to find the best underwater camera on the market.

Read the reviews: Compact camera reviews

Summary: We’ve reviewed the compact cameras on the market today, and you can find them all listed in their own section on the website, together with details and reviews.

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I want to buy a digital SLR

Read the article: Guide to choosing a digital SLR 

Article summary: DSLRs may seem complex, expensive and bulky, but there are good reasons for novices to choose them over other types of camera. Find out more in our guide to choosing a DSLR.

Read the article: Best digital SLR cameras

Article summary: Looking to bag yourself a new digital SLR – or DSLR as they’re more commonly referred to – but confused by the options? Let us guide you through the market with our selection of the best DSLRs of 2013.

Read the article: Best entry level DSLRs

Article summary: ‘Entry-level’ DSLR cameras, as they’re so often called, are ideally suited towards first-time DSLR users looking to take the step up from a regular compact camera and gain more control over their image making. Here’s our pick of the best entry-level DSLRs.

Read the article: Best mid-range DSLRs

Article summary: Mid-range compacts costs a little more than their entry-level cousins, however for the extra expenditure you can expect to get slightly better hardware and more in the way of features. Here’s our pick of the best mid-range DSLRs on the market.

Read the article: Best enthusiast DSLRs

Article summary: If you already own an entry-level or even mid-range DSLR and have learned how to use it properly, then chances are you may well want something that offers a more advanced feature set and more in-camera customisation options – this is exactly where enthusiast DSLRs step in. Here’s our pick of the best enthusiast DSLRs on the market.

Read the article: Best full frame DSLRs

Article summary: The term ‘full-frame’ refers to the type of sensor found almost exclusively in professional-grade DSLRs. Here’s our pick of the best full-frame DSLRs of 2013.

Read the reviews: DSLR reviews

Summary: We’ve reviewed the DSLRs on the market today, and you can find them all listed in their own section on the website, together with details and reviews.

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I want to buy a Compact System (hybrid) camera

Read the article: Guide to choosing a compact system camera

Article summary: Also known as Micro System Cameras, the newest system to enter the digital camera market, the compact system camera, offers an impressive combination of compact size and removable lenses. We offer advice on choosing a compact system camera.

Read the article: Best Compact System Cameras

Article summary: The Compact System Camera has been around since 2008. Since then the market is has grown to such an extent that it’s now one of the most camera-laden in all of photography, thus making it difficult to separate the good from the truly special.

Read the reviews: Compact System Camera reviews

Summary: We’ve reviewed the Compact System cameras on the market today, and you can find them all listed in their own section on the website, together with details and reviews.

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I’m on a tight budget

Read the article: Best camera deals of the week

Article summary: We all love a bargain, and in the current economic climate it certainly pays to make your money go as far as you can. With this in mind we’ve scoured the web, looking for all the best camera deals online.

Read the article: Best compact cameras for less than £100

summary: We’re often asked what is the best budget compact camera you
can buy for under £100. With that in mind here’s our top 5 budget
compact cameras for less than £100.

Read the article: Best camera under £500

Article summary: Both DSLRs and CSCs can lay claim to being the best camera under £500. We’ve picked out a selection of each that represent the best value for money

Read the article: Best free photography software packages

Article summary: In our article: Best free photography software packages we look at several free software programs.

Read the article: Choosing a second hand camera

Article summary: If you’d happy to purchase a camera that’s had one or more previous owners you could well pick up a bargain. Take a look at our guide to choosing a second hand camera help you pick out a gem.

Read the article: Camera price buster: guide for getting a bargain

Article summary: Tips to getting the most for your money when spending on photography equipment with our camera price buster guide to buying photography equipment.

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I want to buy a camera accessory

Read our guide to tripods

Read our guide to lenses

Read our guide to flashguns

Read our guide to camera bags

Read our guide to memory cards

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I’m still confused

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  • Prashant D

    please suggest me which camera to buy Nikon Coolpix L830 or cannon powershot sx170is, or other than this please recommend me

  • Buy Sony A290L SLR camera

    If you looking to purchase camera then Sony A290L SLR is best camera for you.It’s capturing image quality is good.I bought this camera from shopbychoice at price Rs.- 19500/- .Personally ,I recommend for this camera.

  • alyson

    I want a camera with a rechargeable battery with a good zoom but on a budget of about £150 ish

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  • Julie

    Looking for a camera for trip on ROUTE 66, needs to have easy function, cant do fiddle menus, stuff automatic focus, flash etc and not to big

  • Michelle McKinley

    I am looking to buy a good camera to take photographs of my children and scenery photographs. I want a camera which is easy to use and produces good quality photographs. I don’t want to pay more than £350.00. Can anyone recommend a camera for me please?

  • Maria

    The title:
    “Best compact digital cameras 2012”
    – is linked to the 2011 reviews…:(
    You are not as progressive as you think… 🙂

  • Ankush

    Nikon coolpix L810,
    panasonic lumix LZ20,
    sony dsc H100 please advice
    which one I will choose?why?

  • pankaj

    I gonna buy SONY DSC-HX200V for my semiprofessional use and short movie it my good choice..??? plz suggest…

  • satvinder

    I want know which best camera? before I buy.

  • Amir

    i want to purchase Digital camera plz suggest me which camera is good for me??
    1. Sony Cyber shot WX 100

    2.FinePix SL240

  • Bill

    I only want a small digital camera and the more I look the more mesmerised I get.

  • Ankur

    I am a beginer in using camera. iwant to buy one. Shortlisted 2 cameras plz suggust what to buy? Canon SX40 HS and Sony HX200 V

  • Naeema B

    I need some advice on buying a good affordable (under £300) wide lens camera. Its for shooting show homes and I know nothing much about cameras! Help needed here! thanks!

  • Wally Walter

    What is the difference between compact digital camera and a bridge camera ?

  • Yam

    Is Canon PowerShot SX40 HS a good camera for beginners?

  • josh

    hi friends ..

    digital camera buying guide is that where we can choose easily what camera we should buy and what is suitable for our budget ……

    so now i am going to give you this link for help …
    Camera by brand

    hope it will help you…..

  • josh

    Hi guys,
    i wanna buy digital camera in cheap rate can u give me any ideas .
    Digital Camera
    Advance thanks to you.
    take care.

  • josh

    hi friends,

    I was gifted a digital camera by my father for Xmas. My father bought it for me from Digital Camera. but i need a sd memory card 8GB. how can i get it and use it easily?? sd memory card

  • john brav

    once upon a time i buy a digital camera.i camera is 10.2 mega i need a 8 GB SD memory card.please advice me how to buying a cheap price memory card.

  • sahan

    can i get monthly updates from you

  • BestOfferBuy

    It requires a good knowledge of the basics in photography, an idea where to get affordable and reasonably priced camera accessories to keep you from becoming broke, and most importantly – the passion for photography!

  • bhupender

    yes geat optins provide by you.
    Will help me lot..

  • Dezso Horvath

    You cannot compare an DSRL and a microsystem camera. it is especially strange when you indicate in your review of the canon d600 that the panasonic dh2 can be considered as its closest rival.

  • mary

    I need a camera that produces high quality photos and has a large zoom range. Preferably a digital SLR. I dont want to have to change the lenses but i want it to have good editing and scene selections. It will be used for an art course, and for everyday use so i would like it to be small and light if possible. My budget is £250. Any ideas? thanks:)

  • anni

    Cameray is a leading R&D oriented manufacturer of CCD cameras, especially for our mini or smallest CCD cameras for surveillance use in China. The size of our extra mini remote head series can reach 12×12mm. But its picture is of high performance. Cameray owns Three newest SMT mounters from JUKI, Japan and many other advanced testing equipments. The establishment of our digital video R&D center forwards our products like sport camera, police camera recorder, underwater camera ect. Ascribed to our great R&D capability, customized designs are welcome. Main products are CE/FCC accredited and CMA Certificate approved by Public Security Ministry of China. Advanced technology, strict quality control and quick after-sales service won us good reputation for trustworthy and reliability.

  • Aerul

    I am really interested in the product slr sony, A 33
    in your opinion whether it is suitable for potografer someone like me who are just learning of this, at the same time I am also interested in the slr Nikon D5000, for which you think is right and good slr?

  • Claire

    I am considering a DSLR & have a old manual SLR. Probably a stupid question but can I use the lense of the manual SLR on a digital SLR?

  • Katrina

    I’m planning on buying a Nikon D90. Any recommendations on a standard lens? Don’t want to go above £700.

  • gary hill

    i want to photograph wildlife & motorcy
    cle racing i have no previous experience

  • Mark Bridgeman

    I agree about the optical view finder thing, I havent seen one for at least 5 years. Ideas anyone?

  • David Jones

    My Sony DSC W130 has died. …but I can’t get anything to replace it.
    I need a camera with that simple thing – a proper optical viewfinder. Suddenly no-one seems to make them anymore. Any suggestions?

  • a ambler

    after owning an old film canon EOS1000fn and 35-80mm EF and EF 75-300mm mk2 lens’s and loved it i would like to buy a DSLR around £500 but unsure whats best for me as a general photographer, any ideas

  • P. Freedman

    I wish to buy a digital camera, main requirement to take photo’s of
    groups of people in
    a hall with artificial lighting. One other preference would be that the camera is as samll as possible. Price is not important

  • Maria

    I’m looking for a camera with these specs: ISO 3200, shutter speed 3 to 1/2000 seconds, and a lithium battery or other long-life. I have found these things in the Fuji F30 but am open to other brands. What are my options?

  • Ken Wells

    Please don`t ignore
    bridge cameras, everyone else does.