Are you in the market for a new camera but not sure what type to choose? Why not let our camera buying guide point you in the right direction

There’s a huge variety of digital cameras currently on the market, ranging from the affordable compact right up to the high-end professional level DSLR, with the ground in between catering for every want and need.

While the amount of choice is good for the consumer, it also means deciding on the right camera is now more difficult than ever before, as the competition means that the more important camera ranges are frequently updated, with older models soon dropping in price.

Further more, the range of functionality in current cameras is leaps and bounds ahead of where it once was, giving the consumer photographer access to better image quality than ever before.

Still baffled by the range of choice? Fret not, as here on we’ve got a host of different guides aimed at helping you find the camera you’re looking for. And what’s even better is that we’ve collated them below all in one simple place, along with a few handy pointers to getting the best price on your new purchase.

Camera Buying Guide

Best Compact Cameras of 2015


Best DSLRs of 2015

Canon 5D Mark III

Best Compact System Cameras

Olympus E-PL5

Best Bridge Cameras of 2015

Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 product shot 8

Best Smartphone Cameras

Apple iPhone 5

General Camera Buying Guides

Getting a Bargain

Choosing the Best Camera – A Video Guide

A Guide to Lenses

  • Mike Chase

    Good guidelines for people buying a DSLR for the first time! next step is to learn how to use the camera to take pictures like a pro! provides amazing tips and techniques involving light balance, shutters, lenses and everything there is about these cameras. i found many good tips there and i think so can you! worth a shot!