Viewpoints – Useful Gear

Tilting LCD screen

Sony Alpha a500 product shot rear screen tilt angleIf you have
one on your DSLR, it can help you see to compose accurately when you may
not be able to look through the viewfinder.

Remote release

wireless or tethered remote release saves you having to crouch down or
stretch up to take a photo.


When shooting at
awkward angles camera shake is a greater risk. A tripod that enables the
legs to be splayed wide for low level shooting, or perhaps a tabletop
tripod, can be invaluable.


The What Digital Camera 'Guide 
to Tripods' - BeanbagAn alternative to a tripod for shooting at ground


A great way to get a high viewpoint.
Attach the camera to the monopod and lift the monopod as high as you


Some cameras come with software to enable you
to connect your camera to a laptop and shoot tethered, even firing the
shutter from the laptop itself.

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