The annual Travel Photographer of the Year competition is one of the highlights of the photography calendar and should be essential viewing for anyone interested in travel photography.

With the publication of a book featuring the winning images from the 2009 contest, what better time could there be to showcase some of our favourite shots and to see what tips and ideas we can glean from them to inspire us in our own travel photography?

As these images show, travel photography is very different from holiday photography, which is primarily a record of ourselves: where we went, what we did, what we saw. Travel photography is all about trying to capture something of the essence of a place, its people and its culture. It’s about telling a story in a collection of pictures, as well as creating great individual shots.

Travel Tips - Travel Photographer of the Year 2009
Train travel, Bangladeshi style! Part of the portfolio that scooped GMB Akash of Bangladesh
the overall Travel Photographer of the Year 2009 title.


Why It Works

  • Shooting at close range with a wideangle has given the subject lots of impact and made him the clear focal point.
  • Although he’s certainly aware of the camera, and probably posing, he was still photographed doing what he was already doing anyway, so the result looks natural.
  • The use of a slow shutter speed on a moving train has created motion blur which has added to the dynamism.

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