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Travel photographer Andy Joplin spends up to 18 months at a time on the road, photographing in remote locations around the world. Here, Andy suggests a few useful accessories you might want to consider taking.

A lightweight tripod is a good travelling addition if you can spare the weight and the space. This can double as a handy defence for your equipment should someone take a shine to it.

If your camera can take AA batteries this will avoid you having to carry leads and adaptors. Having enough batteries and memory cards to last a day’s shooting is a must.

Sand, water and humidity are the scourge of a DSLR. A waterproof camera bag is a good investment, preferably one that is comfortable to carry for long periods of time. Avoid one that looks like you are carrying expensive photographic equipment though.

Cleaning Kit
Some basic lens cleaning equipment and sensor cleaners are a good idea and can reduce problems with your equipment in the field.

Walking Boots
I’d recommend a good pair of lightweight walking boots. Walking and travelling go hand in hand so take good care of your feet.

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