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Glen Wexler
Glen Wexler photographed his first album cover for Quincy Jones Productions while still a student. He quickly gained a reputation for his imaginative and elaborate photo illustrations for Michael Jackson, KISS, Black Sabbath and ZZ Top among many others.

During the mid 1980s, Glen’s images began to attract advertising clients. His signature style has earned an international client base including Sony, Adobe, Microsoft, Warner Bros Pictures and hundreds of others. Glen was among the original artists to adopt digital imaging technology as a creative tool.

Credited as a worldwide leader in the field, he has been invited to speak at numerous conferences and colleges across the United States. In 2005, Wexler commemorated 25 years of his career with an exhibition in Los Angeles and the release of his retrospective book 25:25. Glen resides in the Hollywood Hills with his wife and two children. For more info visit

Glen’s Kit Bag
• Hasselblad H3D-39 – Hasselblad’s latest H-system medium format camera houses an impressive 39MP sensor
• Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II – with its full-frame 35mm sized sensor the EOS-1Ds MkII has found favour with a lot of professional photographers looking for large files
• Sinar P2 film camera and Hasselblad ELM film camera
• two 17-inch MacBook Pros – with a large screen and plenty of processing power Apple’s 17in MacBooks are great on location and make ideal ‘portable’ storage devices for the large files coming from Glen’s cameras
• Two 30in Cinema Displays and two 23in Cinema Displays
• Wacom Intuos 2 graphic tablets – working with a mouse is all well and good, but a graphic tablet and ‘pen’ is a much more natural way of working, especially when tricky selections need to be made
• LaCie external FireWire drives
• Epson 9600 and 4800 printers – Epson’s wide format printers not only help you make exhibition-sized prints, but they’re great way of visualising how your work will look ‘Big’, with a capital ‘B’
• Adobe Creative Suite
• Extensis Portfolio – Portfolio is a ‘digital asset management’ system that helps you keep track of all your images. Not essential for home users, but when you’re working with large numbers of pictures it can be a life-saver.

The Secret Life of Cows
by Glen Wexler
Foreword by Eric Idle

Published by PQ Blackwell Ltd

Available from all good bookstores priced: $14.95 (approx. £7.72)

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