Indoor Home Studio – Using Your Gear

White Balance

Indoor Home Studio - White BalanceDepending on your light source, you will probably need to adjust the White Balance on the camera to correct any colour casts. Window light, especially on an overcast day, can produce light that has a cool blue cast. You may find that this suits your subject, but if not then select the Cloudy WB setting to warm up the image. If you are using tungsten desk lamps for your lighting, then these have the opposite effect and give a very warm orange look to the image. Select the Tungsten WB setting to counteract this.


Indoor Home Studio - LensA macro lens is the ideal lens for indoor still-life shots, but you may get away with using the macro setting on your zoom lens. This may not get you as close as a true macro lens, but is ideal for larger subjects.


A tripod is essential to keep the camera steady while you arrange your set-up. As well as holding the camera focused precisely on the subject, which at these close distances is very limited, you will need it to avoid camera shake as your shutter speeds will also probably be quite slow.


Indoor Home Studio - LightWhile studio flash offers the benefits of high power (for small apertures), low heat and a wide range of clip-on accessories, it isn’t essential. Tungsten lighs are cheaper but they get hot, while handheld flashguns, if used creatively, can produce good results too. Finally, even domestic lamps and torches have their uses in still-life photography.


Reflectors are an invaluable tool in home
studio photography, whether bought ones such as the folding Lastolite
type models or home made. Reflectors can be made from white card or
polystyrene, tin foil, mirrors and many other easily attainable

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