Subjects in Motion – Know Before You Go

Know Before You Go!

Camera Set Up

Set your camera to Shutter Priority (S or Tv) or manual exposure.

Set the camera’s drive mode to continuous.

Set the focus mode to servo, so you don’t have to wait for the lens to lock focus to take a shot.

Drive-by Shooting

How To Shoot... Motion Pictures - Drive-by

Taking pictures from a moving vehicle is another way to capture motion. The obvious mode of transport is a car (make sure you’re a passenger, not the driver!) but this (above) was taken from the bows of a boat on a sunny day, with the blue sky, and reflections of other boats, creating the colours.


You might be tempted to create your blur later, using your editing software.  However, the Motion Blur and Radial Blur filters in Photoshop look most realistic when used to enhance existing subject movement, rather than creating it from scratch.

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