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What camera to buy - compact camera


Small, lightweight and simple to use. Costs under £100 for a basic one, and up to £400 for a fancier one, depending on features required

What camera to buy - bridge camera


Very long zoom in a slightly bulky body costing between £150 and £400. 

What camera to buy - hybrid


A removable lens system that’s a more compact version of a DSLR costing between £400 and £1000

What camera to buy - DSLR


Removable lenses, an optical viewfinder (one that you can look through), and full manual controls costing between £400 and £3,000

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Please note, the results are not all the cameras on the market, just the ones that after testing we thought were the best of their kind, for the different criteria. You can see detailed reviews for all cameras at https://www.whatdigitalcamera.com/equipment.html

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