What Digital Camera takes a first look at the Nikon DF in the video review

After being on the wishlist list for many serious photographers for years and teasing us with tantalising video snippets over the past week, Nikon has finally pulled the covers off one of the most eagerly-awaited DSLRs of the year in the form of the Nikon Df.

The Nikon Df is the first DSLR ever to adopt a collapsible metering coupling lever that means even vintage non-AI Nikon lenses can be attached to the Nikon Df. This will allow full-aperture metering when shooting in Aperture Priority or Manual modes, with lens characteristics such as focal length and widest aperture available set within the menu of the Nikon Df.

To aid manual focusing, the illumination of the focus point in the viewfinder can be turned off, while there’s also an improved Live View display with an optional 9 cell framing grid for 16:9 and 1:1 image ratios. Not only that, but Nikon promises that the contrast-detect AF system boasts enhanced operability, accuracy and speed.