Watch our video review of the Casio EX-H5 compact camera

Casio EX-H5 review video: transcript

The Casio EX-H5 sports a 12.1 MP sensor and comprises an impressive focal range going from a wide angle 24mm to 240mm. Married to this is an image sensor shift image stabilization system to counteract any unwanted camera shake. It has a 2.7″ screen with a relatively reasonable resolution of 230K pixels.

For the price point, it delivers a solid set of results. The metering performed consistently well during our test under a range of lighting conditions and the ISO performance was good but it’s best to avoid the higher ISO settings if you can.

The Casio EX-H5 is a solid 10x zoom camera and looks the part. If you decide to invest, you won’t be disappointed but there’s more exciting models out there. That’s why we gave it 86%.