Nikon D800E vs Sony A7R – Verdict

Nikon D800E vs Sony A7R – Verdict

These two cameras are both very different and very similar. The connection is the incredible level of detail that’s recorded from the 36MP sensor and our tests revealed little, or no difference in the level of detail that’s recorded when subjected to a series of tests using the same lens. The way each camera’s image processor handles the images is different however, with the D800E‘s JPEGs receiving less sharpening, but also producing images with a slightly cooler auto white balance.

The A7R offers a lot in a body of its size. To fit a full frame sensor behind the E-mount in a body a fraction of the size and weight of the D800E seems uncanny, but it’s a formula that works and verifies that full-frame doesn’t need to be heavy or cumbersome.

Out in the field where these cameras will see most use, the D800E is the winner. It might be a heavier, it might be bigger, even more expensive by quite a margin, but its muscularity makes it feel more serious and given the choice I’d be prepared to spend the extra for the superior handling, faster focusing and optical viewfinder that in my mind is no match for A7R‘s electronic alternative.

There will be some who look at the Alpha A7R as a way of reducing the weight of their kit bag while maintaining the finest levels of detail, however until the lens range expands, the autofocus speed is improved, the body’s controls are refined and the battery life lasts for longer, it remains second best to the superb D800E as a camera that delivers optimal resolution.

Nikon D800E, £2349

Pros – Image Quality, Handling, Performance, Weather Sealing, Optical Viewfinder
Cons – Burst Shooting (4fps), Heavy, Expensive, No Wi-fi

Sony Alpha A7R, £1635

Pros – Image Quality, Lightweight, Weather Sealing, Wi-fi, tilting screen
Cons – Burst Shooting (4fps), AF performance, battery life, button layout, No pop-up flash

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