Canon EOS 7D vs Canon EOS 60D: Value


Value for money is an important consideration when purchasing a camera, whether it’s a £1,000 DSLR or £80 compact.

Canon EOS 60D

With an RRP of just a touch over £1,000 body only, the 60D is currently selling at just under the £1,000 mark, or around £1,200 with the 17-85mm IS lens (as on test here). For Canon fans the real question may be whether to spend the extra £200 and buy the 7D model, and certainly for those upgrading from the 40D or 50D it probably is worth it.

While those not already tied to a system may be looking at Nikon’s similarly priced D7000 that, certainly on paper, seems to offer a more generous specification. For those looking to upgrade from a budget DSLR, however, the Canon EOS 60D still offers a lot for the money and is a natural progression from cameras such as the 450D and 500D.

Overall Score; 19/20

Canon EOS 7D

With the recent spate of camera price increases, value has to be readdressed. The price gap between older models and their new counterparts remains vast, making it more difficult to recommend any new model. The Nikon D300s can now be found for as little as £1,250, while the 7D’s lowest current offering is around £1,500.

Canon’s well-established 5D Mk II is still fetching more than £1,800, and in many respects the 7D is just as good – though the 5D mk II’s full frame sensor demands a premium price tag. With a little time to bed in, the 7D is likely follow the Nikon D300s price closely, and at that point the marks for value may even rise. For now, though, it would be fair to say that it’s a premium product worth paying for.

Overall Score; 17/20


The EOS 60D doesn’t offer a huge amount less in terms of features or functionality, but is around £500 cheaper. For that the EOS 60D wins the value award.

Winner: Canon EOS 60D

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