The Best Budget Compact of 2016 - We round up some of the best budget compacts on the market today

Long gone are the days when you had to invest a serious amount of cash to get a half decent camera.

The rise of the smartphone means that in order to compete in a very saturated market, you can pick up great standalone cameras and still have plenty of change left over from £200 – some of the cameras in this list will cost you less than half that.

Here we take a look at some very affordable, but still very enticing, compact cameras which you can pick up for great prices right now.

Canon PowerShot SX610

Street price: £99

canon-powershot-sx610If you’re looking for a smart and pocketable travel compact camera which won’t break the bank, then the Canon PowerShot SX610 could be just the ticket.

For under £100 you get an 18x optical zoom, along with other features such as Full HD video recording, in-built Wi-Fi and Canon’s HS (high sensitivity) system. There’s also a bunch of creative effects, such as fish eye and miniature which you can enjoy too.

Best budget compact for: travellers on a budget

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Nikon Coolpix S7000

Street price: £129

nikon_s7000_goldAnother budget friendly offering for travellers, this compact from Nikon offers a 20x optical zoom and there’s inbuilt Wi-Fi and NFC too. You can shoot full HD movies and there’s a scene auto selector which helps the camera to choose the best settings to get the best shot.

A 16 million pixel sensor is joined by a 4-axis Hybrid VR (vibration reduction) system which helps to compensate for camera shake.

Best budget compact for: travellers looking for a great all-rounder

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Sony HX60

Street price: £160

Sony HX60V product shot 7The most expensive camera in this group, it still doesn’t break the £200 barrier. The HX60 also has a 30x optical zoom, which is great when you need to get closer to the action – it’s especially ideal for something like a safari.

A 20.4 million pixel Exmoor R CMOS sensor joins that extensive zoom, and once again you’ll find built in Wi-Fi and NFC.

Best budget compact for: those who need a high powered zoom

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Panasonic SZ10

Street price: £118

panasonic-sz10If you’re looking for an every day camera that you can use in a variety of different situations, the Panasonic SZ10 has a range of great features.

There’s a 16 million pixel High Sensitivity MOS sensor along with a 12x optical zoom lens. There’s HD video recording and built in Wi-Fi for sharing your shots. If you like to shoot selfies, the SZ10’s tilting screen allows you to frame your self-portraits perfectly.

Best budget compact for: selfie lovers

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Canon IXUS 275 HS

Street price: £99

IXUS 175 RED FSLAnother low-budget Canon camera here, cameras in Canon’s IXUS range tend to be designed with style and portability in mind. The sleek design of the IXUS 275 means you’ll barely notice it inside your pocket, but there’s still a pretty impressive 12x optical zoom on offer.

There’s a 20.2 million pixel sensor, and you can also create HD movies. Ideal for popping in your bag while on a night out, the IXUS 275 is incredibly light and also includes inbuilt Wi-Fi and NFC.

Best budget compact for: style-conscious shooters

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Nikon Coolpix L340

Street price: £100

nikon_l340If you like the look and style of bridge cameras, but don’t to pay the premium often associated with them, the Nikon Coolpix L340 could be your ideal camera.

It has a 28x optical zoom along with a 20.4 million pixel sensor, all packaged in a traditional bridge style format. There’s a deep grip, along with a three-inch LCD. There’s no viewfinder though, which is something for traditionalists to bear in mind. The camera uses AA batteries – useful if you run out of power and don’t have immediate access to a charger.

Best budget compact for: bridge camera lovers