If you're heading out and about with your camera this summer, these accessories all under u00a320 will prove their worth...

Manfrotto Piccolo 3

Price £11.95
Website www.manfrotto.co.uk

If you’re travelling with a small camera, a neat case is definitely a good choice to keep your camera safe.

The Piccolo 3 camera pouch from Manfrotto is water-repellent and has a hard shell for added protection against accidental bumps and bashes.

The pouch also has a soft lining that will prevent the screen and other sensitive areas of your camera from being scratched while in transit.

Spudz Pro

Price £7.99
Website www.alpineproducts.com

Spudz Pro is a convenient, portable and affordable cleaning kit that can be attached to keys, lanyards, belt loops, straps and bags.

Containing a 10x10in (254x254mm) microfibre cloth stitched into the holder and a 4ml cleaning solution, the Spudz Pro is a much better alternative to using the inside of your shirt for cleaning your lens on the move.

It’s so easy to misplace lens cloths and they’re no good when you’re out and about if they’re tucked away safe inside your bag, but the Spudz Pro is always accessible.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris

Price £3.22 (Android) / £5.99 (iOS)
Website www.photoephemeris.com
We talk about The Photographer’s Ephemeris app a lot, but it really is one of the most useful photographic apps you can use.

Available for Android and Apple iOS, it allows you to see the sunrise and sunset, as well as moonrise and set, times for wherever you happen to be in the world, on whatever day you look.

In fact, you can find out the direction of the sun and how long shadows will be too.

So whether you are in the Lake District or Lake Tanganyika, you can find out exactly when the sun will hit that particular feature to create the perfect landscape, which can save a lot of guesswork and waiting around.

Peak Design Cuff

Price $19.95 (Around £11.90)  
Website www.peakdesignltd.com

For those who dislike traditional camera straps, the Cuff is definitely the way to go.

A superbly engineered wrist strap, the cuff is so light that it’s easy to forget you’re wearing it.

It doesn’t skimp on strength – the quick-connecting micro anchors are rated to take weights of up to 45kg, despite how easily they can be fastened and unfastened.

Lens hoods

Price From around £4
Website www.amazon.co.uk

If you’re travelling, hopefully you’ll be somewhere bright, and if that’s the case a lens hood will definitely come in handy for blocking out stray light and reducing glare.

If your lens came with a branded lens hood then take that with you by all means, but if not, or if you’ve misplaced the original, websites such as Amazon are a great place to find third-party lens hoods for low prices.

Google Maps

Price Free download (iOS/Android)
Website: maps.google.co.uk

The ultimate travel buddy, Google Maps will keep you heading in the right direction wherever you choose to wander on your summer trips.

It is still worth getting even if you’ve got an iPhone or an iPad, as it is far superior to Apple’s own Maps app. There’s also an option for voice-guided GPS if you’re driving.

It’s probably the most intuitive and user-friendly way to navigate that currently exists in the world. You’ll also want a physical map of wherever you’re going as a backup (it’s not a good idea to be totally dependent on the battery life of your phone), but for ease, Google Maps can’t be beaten.

Lexar memory cards

Price From around £18
Website www.lexar.com

It may sound like a trivial inclusion, but having reliable and fast-reading memory cards is a critical component in any photographer’s set-up.

Lexar’s Professional UHS-I range starts at around £15 for 8GB SDHC cards and £30 for 8GB CF cards, and have a read transfer speed of up to 600x (90MB/s) and 1066x (160MB/s) respectively.

They’re suitable for anything from fast-burst shooting of high-resolution images to filming full HD and 4K video on a DSLR.

Having a high-speed card will improve workflow and keep you shooting without having to worry about waiting for the images to buffer.

PNY memory card case

Price Around £10
Website www.pny.eu

Considering how reasonably priced this efficient little case is, it almost seems silly not to get one.

PNY’s case is able to hold up to four CompactFlash cards and eight SD cards, protecting them with a rigid black polycarbonate that’s tough enough to take a good few knocks.

Rubber water sealing protects the closed case from water ingress, and a loop on the side allows it to be attached to a thin strap.

Enlight Photo Frio V2 Coldshoe

Price £9.99
Website www.connectcombinecreate.com

Frio’s universal hotshoe mount is an innovative adapter with a 1⁄4in thread incorporated, for attaching a flashgun, an LED light panel or a mini monitor to a lighting stand.

It has a virtually indestructible feel to it: the thread socket is metal that will not wear or crack like a plastic thread. There are no electrical connections between the equipment and the mount, but the DualLock security catch means that once attached, your hotshoe gear cannot become detached until you specifically want it to.

Great value, tiny to carry, and essential for off-camera flash work.