This tripod is an ingenious solution that should mean you're never without.

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Overall score:80%


  • Light and quick to put up


  • Not suitable for DSLRs


Zip Shot Tripod

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Tripods are generally large, bulky things, which is why many photographers will try to venture out without one – especially when travelling and weight is critical.

This one, however, is an ingenious solution that should mean you’re never without.

The Zipshot’s legs are based on the same design as modern tent poles and constructed from  aluminium. An elastic cord runs down the centre of each leg and so with a quick shake the tripod becomes fully extended and rigid. While to pack it away you just pull each section apart and fold it up. The whole thing weighs just 312g and is just 15in in length.

Though it isn’t 100% wobble free, it’s a good compromise – perfect for smaller cameras and definitely better than nothing at all.

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